Scratch & The Great Australian Dog Survey

We’re excited to welcome a brand new partner to Dogshare. Scratch is a young Melbourne-founded brand making dog food you can feel good about.

Founders Mike & Doug set out to fix what they say is a broken dog food industry, with stores marking up the cost of food by up to 40%. Scratch cuts out the mark-ups and makes a super-premium kibble directly for dogs around Australia. In their 18 months so far, they’ve been covered by the Channel 9 news, won Frankie Small Business of the Year and even had world surfing champ Mick Fanning invest.

They’ve also just launched ’The Great Australian Dog Survey’ - Australia’s largest study on dogs and how they fit into our countries culture.

Despite having more dogs per capita than any other country, most of us are surprised to find that our legal system still regards dogs as objects and many other parts of the world are far more accepting of dogs into society (think trains, bars, cafes or any business).

Some early findings:
- 82% of Australians find others more attractive if they have a dog
- 61% of Aussie dogs are fed bones
- Only 8% of us regard our dogs as overweight
- 70% of us let the dogs sleep in the bed

The survey closes on Monday May 25 and by filling it out, you can optionally enter your details to win a years supply of Scratch.

Take the survey and see how you stack up.