5 Things your dog probably has on his bucket list

I am your dog and I want to whisper something very important in your ear.

Please give me just a quick moment, just a second of your time, I just want to make a few requests.


I hope you take the time to hear me, to ponder and to consider my words.

I know that humans lead busy lives. You have work, children and always seem to be running here and there – often too fast. You never seem to take the time to truly notice the grand things in life.


Turn around and look down at me now, while you site there at your computer. See the way my soft brown eyes look at yours? They are getting a little cloudy now. That comes with age, you know.  The gray hairs are beginning to show. Still, you smile down at me; and my heart jumps. I see the love in your eyes. And I transmit everything I feel through my own.

What do you see in mine? Do you see my spirit – my soul; one that loves you so very much. I love you as no other could in the world. I am a spirit that can forgive all trespasses of prior wrong doing just for a moment of your time.



One day I won’t be here to keep you company, so I want to express these 5 simple desires; 5 little things I would enjoy doing soooooooooooo much before the day that I take my final leave arrives.

Can I tell them to you? I will always love you no matter what. But these 5 simple things would make my life fuller, more enriched if you will.

1. A road trip

I’ve thought about this for a long time; I see all those wonderful places when you turn on that picture box you call a TV. I want to go on a road trip. If it’s not too ambitious of me, I’d like to take an amazing adventure with you. Put my muzzle to the window and feel the cool wind on my face. Just thinking of getting a good whiff of all that’s out there gives me goose bumps. I can smell and feel the adventure already.

You know…it doesn’t have to be a long trip; even a short trip through the neighborhood would be great.


2. Swim with Dolphins

I hope this isn’t too farfetched, it looks simple enough. I think I’d love to swim with another majestic creature, one just like me. It seems to me that the only other living animal that is so wondrous is the dolphin. I think this would be an ultimate dog activity.

But of course, I understand if this is just a little too much. But, but…wouldn’t it be fun?

3. Dance

I watch you often as it’s just my way of saying I love you, and sometimes, I watch you dancing in front of the mirror. Watching that joy on your face is so incredible. I think you really enjoy it. I think it’s something I could do with you. Do you think…that maybe… just maybe… you might invite me to dance with you? Teach me; show me why it is so much fun.


4. The Ultimate Pet Show

Every dog must dream of this one! Imagine being at the beauty contest for all dogs. The smells, the sounds, the excitement, it would drive me insanely happy. I do so want to go to a pet show, to see and watch all of the others in my species. It would be so much fun just to hear and see them with their owners. I want to understand their love, joy and beauty.

5. The Pet Portrait

O.K. Here goes my top request. This is the most important item on my bucket list – A PET PORTRAIT.  “What’s that?” You are thinking.

I know you are busy, and you probably haven’t paid much attention, but when you are on that computer, I’ve seen the pet portrait websites. Don’t you think a painting of me, of the love and loyalty I feel towards you would be an heirloom I could leave for you?  I want to leave you something to remember me by. I want you to always remember that there is a soul out there that loves you so unconditionally. And I think that the best way to leave you the memories when I am gone is through a custom pet portrait. Yes, that’s right! A beautiful hand painted oil portrait of my cute and curly face….Do it now before I get too old.


Thats all!

O.K. That’s it! That’s my bucket list. I love you. I realize that some of my requests may be a little OUT THERE, but there are a couple of points here that are really easy for you to concede. Just visualize that pet portrait. That’s right just think of my cute and furry body, all warm and snuggly, making you laugh – and cry. Don’t you want to keep those memories living on forever?

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