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Share companionship, walks and cuddles and help a neighbour.

Why Dogshare is for you

Spend time with a pooch

Ideal for when you would love to spend time with a dog and circumstances don’t allow you to own one. Offer occasional help or regular play dates without the full-time commitment.

  • The joy of companionship

    Time spent with a dog can improve life. Natural mood enhancers that will encourage you to get outdoors and be social.
  • Test the waters

    Considering dog ownership for yourself? Gain real life experience and confidence.

Help out someone in need

There are times a walk in the park or a friendly scratch behind the ear goes a long way. By lending a hand you might be helping out someone who is juggling a busy or difficult period of their lives and keeping lonely dog barking down to a minimum.

  • Community Building

    Help someone unable to walk their dog due to age, illness or other extenuating life circumstances.
  • Upstream of Dog Surrender & Rescue

    70% of Australian Dogs don’t get a daily walk - something we can change together.

Healthy Communities

There’s plenty of research to support the premise that furry companions enhance our wellbeing and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Exercise & Get Outdoors

    Great for your physical and mental health.
  • Kindness Grows

    Dogshare members aren’t driven by the dollar but by a generous purpose.

Joining is easy

Once you submit your details, one of our team will personally review your profile and successful applicants are notified.You will then commence a 7 day free trial period to take a close look at the Dogshare membership and ensure it will be the right fit for you. 

As a fairy dog-mother or father, you might be more helpful than you know. A time-poor neighbour might be juggling business trips, shift work, a busy family or illness.

*Please note we currently have a wait-list for many inner suburban Melbourne and Sydney postcodes due to the popularity of our program. You may still sign up for a trial and we can notify you when we are taking on new helpers. 


Plus $20 Once (application fee)
  • Map shows all available users
  • Connect with dog owners
  • Unlimited 1-1 real time chat
  • Handy parks guide
  • Switch profile to dog owner at any time
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