Calling all dog and human stars!

We are super-duper excited to be working with the awesome folk at Crux Productions to put together a cool little Dogshare promotional video.

Check out this awesome party for a sample of the fun stuff they do; (*Note: In no way dog related - but these folks sure do seem to be having a good time)

The video will showcase the way Dogshare can be used to help people become better dog owners with filming taking place in and around Melbourne on Saturday 28th February.

We are looking for a number of different dogs (different breeds, different sizes and energy levels) to volunteer for the task.

What's required?

- Your dog for no more than two hours, an exact time slot on Saturday 28th Feb and location will be allocated to you, it may be that we can film in your local area or alternate locations are around the Yarra River (Richmond / South Yarra) or the Beach (Brighton or Port Melbourne). - You will need to stay with and be responsible for your dog for the duration of filming - we wouldn't want to stress your pooch out by throwing him in an unfamiliar environment with unfamiliar people so it's ideal if you can stick around. - We are looking for volunteer owners also, we won't be placing a big focus on owners as the clip is really about our four-legged pals but we do want to get some footage of owners walking dogs on leads, etc. If you would prefer not to be included that's OK too but if you are a budding actor / actress let us know! - We would love to film a few dogs in their home environment so if you are open to this, let us know too - You must be registered on dogshare - if you've not done it already you can complete your registration here.

What's in it for me?!

- The fame, the glory, the money! No scrap that - there is NO MONEY involved.... because Dogshare is run on the love of dogs no money exchanges hands. You will however have total bragging rights to your friends when your dog becomes a complete superstar after we launch this video across Australia

That's it! Please email us at hello@dogshare.com.au to apply and we will come back to you speedy gonzales!