Hi Melbourne Dog Lovers!

Thanks for your interest in Dogshare in Melbourne. You will be glad to know that Dogshare started in Melbourne's north by two special dogs named Duke and Betty. Two suburban pups whose clever humans teamed up to trade dog walking duties. Betty's owner Tom would walk both the dogs of a morning and Duke's owner Jess (website creator) would walk them and have them in her backyard every afternoon. It was a great way to provide additional walks and predictable socialising opportunity for these two energetic suburban dogs.

Since 2015 we've grown substantially from our initial North Melbourne membership base and now have excellent coverage right across Melbourne Metropolitan areas.

You can now join us free, and only consider upgrading your account when you are ready to start messaging other users.

Membership Coverage in Melbourne

Dogshare Coverage in Melbourne - July 2021
Dogshare Coverage in Melbourne - July 2021

Coverage as of July 2021.

Pink = Dog Owners (Actively Looking for a match)

Green = Helpers (Actively Looking for a match)

What if there are no members in my area?

If you are within the Melbourne Metro postcodes (Postcodes 3000 - 3207) but are on Melbourne's outskirts where there doesn't appear to be high coverage please contact us to see if you are eligible for a Foundation Membership in your area. Foundation Memberships are provided free of charge to users in areas where we are still growing our offering. Note this only applies to areas with very poor coverage and this circumstance is rare within the Melbourne Metro zone. All areas outside Melbourne Metro (Postcodes higher than 3207) are eligible for Foundation Membership.


Shoot us a message here and we are happy to chat with you about membership in your particular area to ensure you are going to get a great result from your membership.

Jess 🐾