Easter Holiday Plans

Now there are hot-cross buns and chocolate bunnies front and centre at the supermarket, you know Easter is on its way, and if you’re planning a wee break, now is the time to think about what will happen with your fur baby.

Consider taking them with you!

Otherwise known as ‘how to avoid the guilty feeling when confronted with their sad eyes as you drive away’. You might find this option is easier than you think. If you find the right spot, this can be perfect.

But how do you find the perfect pooch place? We’re glad you asked. Here’s where an abundance of take-your-dog-on-hols websites can help. Here’s a few goodies:

- Take your pet : Stop here to find a pet-friendly place or place to stay. The website allows pet owners to share their experiences and recommendations, which is perfect if you are looking for new adventures with your dog.

- Holidaying with Dogs : Find dog-friendly holiday rentals around Australia, including holiday houses, host farms, B&B's, cottages, motels, caravan parks and camping grounds 

- Or join the facebook group Australian Caravanning/Camping Travelling With Dogs  for great tips on the best doggo friendly camping sites around Australia 

Phone a Friend

This might be your go-to choice. Leaving your canine companion in the hands of someone who you (and your dog) know and trust. Here are some things to consider when planning to leave your dog with a friend, neighbour or family member:

- At your home or theirs?

- Check for backyard safety

- Can your dog’s normal routine be maintained?

- Do they have the time and the ability to handle your dog?

- If the minder has a dog of their own, how do the two dogs get along? 

- Give emergency contact details and organise a backup minder just in case

If you need some more friends on your phone-a-friend list, signing up with Dogshare will give you just that. 

House and Pet Sitting

Here’s a double bonus - you could find that special someone to housesit your house as well as your dog. Finding the right person can be challenging so you have to book early to make sure you can secure a reputable Easter sitter. Look for lots of positive reviews on house/pet-sitting sites, or even better, ask your dog-loving friends on DogShare for recommendations of people they’ve used before. Check out Happy House Sitters or Mind a Home for a start.

Professional Pooch-Minding

The next best option could be leaving your doggie at a professional pet carer’s home. For this home dog boarding you’ll need to check if they will be minding other animals so you can make sure they get along. You and your fur friend will want to meet the minder first. See ‘Phone a Friend’ for all the things you’ll need to consider. Mad Pawsand Pet Cloud are Aussie Based Pet-Sitting websites that have thousands of registered minders. Ask around and see if someone you know can recommend someone. Word of mouth is worth a lot here… 

Helping Out

Speaking of helping. Not going away? Why not offer to look after a friend’s dog?  You’ll feel great knowing you are helping out and just think of the companionship and fun the two doggos will have together. Dogshare is the perfect place to trade dog-minding duties and by doing your dogshare pals a favour now, you'll be in credit next time you want to go away yourself - win win! 

P.S. Don’t let your dog gobble up the Easter eggs. 1. They’re yours. 2. They’re like delicious poison for our fur friends.

Photo by Annie Spratt