What if I don't find a match with Dogshare?

You've joined up and can't wait to get our there and start meeting pups. 

So what happens if you aren't having any luck finding a match? 

Tips to get those first meet-ups happening: 

  • Members are sorted in each location with those who have been active recently at the TOP of each list - so if you've not had any joy with getting a response from a member who is right down the end of a list, try a few up to the top 
  • All messages sent and received via the website (using our in-built 1-1 chat) are emailed to users. Sometimes those emails end up in users junk email filters. So be sure to add us (hello@dogshare.com.au) to your safe senders list. If you've written to someone and they haven't responded, don't be afraid to send a second message as a reminder, or if you still aren't having any luck please email us at hello@dogshare.com.au and we can help. 
  • We find it's common for messages to be responded to within the week, so don't be too disheartened if you don't get a flush of replies straight away but certainly if you aren't getting replies after 1 -2 weeks, you can shout out to us and we will assist. 
  • It's OK to write so a few members at once, but it would probably be irresponsible to bombard say 15 members at once as it's highly unlikely you are going to meet with them all at a similar time. 

What to do if you've tried our tips above and still can't find a match: 

If you've messaged members with no successful outcome or there are no available matches in your postcode or one connecting postcode you are eligible to have your membership considered for a refund. Please write to us first at hello@dogshare.com.au so we can aim to assist you first and if this isn't possible we will review your case for refund eligibility. 

Please note however joining Dogshare is a long-term game and can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to find a successful pairing. It is for this reason our membership is an annual subscription as we expect you to get value from the membership within the 12 month period. 

We've worked really hard to make Dogshare a thriving and low cost community service and it is our absolute aim to make you happy and provide you with great value.  Please be polite when dealing with us as we are nice people and get hurt by rude or unkind comments.