Our Melbourne Dogshare video has gone crazy online!

Thanks to this wonderful community about a month ago we put the call out for gorgeous pooches to join us in making this super fun video of dogs having fun. It was shot across a few locations in Melbourne on a gorgeous sunny day and includes a great range of breeds.

Most of all when I watch this video I am reminded of why I got into this game, and that's to enhance the joy of dog ownership. Watching dogs, running free with either a companion (human or fur) is one of the best things life has to offer.... in my humble opinion. It's just an overwhelming sense of happiness - simple as that.

We posted the video socially on Saturday 11th April and today, Monday 13th April, the video has racked up over 10,000 views and now also appears here:





If you happen to be on these social sharing sites it would be amazing if you up-voted, liked, shared or commented as this will help us to promote dogshare and in turn, will result in a bigger and better site for our current users.

If you are Sydney based, we are coming to you next so stay tuned for information about the next filming day and your beloved pooch could be our next star.

You can view the full original video here on vimeo: