Sandown St Beach

Dog-friendly beach, Brighton, Seacombe Grove, Brighton, Victoria, Australia


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About Sandown St Beach

The Brighton Dog Beach (officially known a Sandown Street Beach) is a fabulous part of the world in Bayside. Nestled between Elwood Beach and the Middle Brighton Baths, it is a fantastic spot to take your pooch out for a run amongst the surf and sand. Once you are in and have arrived you'll surely see why this beach is a great place to stop by with your dog. With a broad array of sand dunes, shrubs - and perhaps another visiting dog or two to play with- your pup may well feel like hes in doggy heaven along the foreshore. With this, a final word is useful on the on/off leash policy. While some signs dot along the path to the beach, once you are leave the beach it is indeed an on leash area once again. To be sure, this is an easy mistake to make - and nobody likes getting a fine - so its just something worth keeping in mind if planning a visit for the first time.