Go you good thing!

Aren’t you a clever cookie to apply for Dogshare?

What happens now? There is a little wait…

Your application will be reviewed by our HUMONGOUS team of 2 humans and 1 dog and we will provide you with feedback on the outcome of that review within 1 – 3 days. You won’t be able to access the website until then, but rest assured we always work as quickly as we can as we understand your eagerness!

Safety First

Every one of our 26,000 (and counting) applications has undergone a human review process. We read about you and why you are joining to make sure you will be the right fit for the little village we’ve created. If we don’t have much information to go by, we may ask further questions. We may also refer you to other services such as a qualified trainer or dog day-care and/or pet minding services. The way we care for each other (as humans) and our dogs means a lot to us so we hope you can appreciate the time and care we put into this process.

Now please enjoy these dogs running happily to appease you whilst you wait for membership approval!

All our wishes for a happy life with dogs,

Jess & Adriana (Humans) and Duke (doggo)

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