Tips on cleaning you dog's adorable face

*Guest Post by Aussie Pooch Mobile*

Your dog’s face can be cute, handsome/pretty, and joyful all the while displaying an array of emotions that tug at your heart strings every time. Dogs have the ability to look deep into our souls and touch us on an elementary level.

But let’s be realistic; your dog puts his face and nose into an abundance of not so nice things. From garbage scraps to cleaning himself and sometimes even saying hello to his other dog friends by… lets just say… smelling them. Dogs are also prone to getting sleep and gunk in their eyes and although we still love them deeply, sometimes this takes away from their cute face.

So here are some tips on cleaning your dog’s adorable face:
  • Use a soft, clean, moist cloth or sponge
  • Use room temperature water
  • Be gentle but firm
  • Talk calmly to your dog to reassure them
  • Approach eyes slowly

Tear stains

Tear stains are dark, blotchy streaks that can appear under the eyes of some dogs. Sometimes these can be tricky to remove with just water and a stronger, dog friendly solution is required. Our Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomers can supply you with our Aromacare Doggy Facial Cleanser which is PH balanced and specially made for dogs.

Aromacare Dog Facial

Furthermore Aussie Pooch Mobile can also provide a Dog Facial for your puppa. This service is additional to your classic hydrobath service and will be sure to have your dog’s face looking adorably clean again. Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomers have all been thoroughly trained to ensure your dog enjoys this relaxing experience as well as removing all tear stains, slobber and gunk from your dog’s face so you can get back to looking into those loving, clean eyes!

The Aromacare Doggy Facial only enhances our “We Care” philosophy

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