Dog Socialisation

Do dogs socialise with other dogs well naturally - or is it a learnt technique that requires training?

We caught up with Tamara Forth who runs a socialisation and tricks class at her Eden Park property in Victoria.

"The socialisation section is designed for dogs to interact with each other, owners will learn how to read their dogs (and the approaching Dog's) body language and learn how to 'get out' of trouble before it happens", says Tamara.

Tamara also believes that it's important to work underneath the dogs threshold as some dogs like or need more space than others and as owners this is something we need to understand and respect.

The techniques used in the socialisation classes are those encountered in everyday life, teaching dogs that they can trust owners to keep them safe. Some of the methods used include; loose leach walking, fly-by, emergency u-turn, focus on handler, food refusal and 'go say hi' as a command to meet another dog.

There is also a tricks component to the lesson which encourages a stronger bond between owner and their dog while having some fun under medium level distractions. This helps to improve your dogs problem solving skills, gives them mental stimulation and builds confidence. Amazing!

For more details on these great classes - get in touch with Tamara via her website by clicking the link below:


Here are some great shots of classes in action: