Dogshare - So how do you share a dog anyway?

Do you know what to 'dogshare' means?

A definition of sharing could be defined as 'if two or more people share an activity, they each do some of it'. So to "Dogshare" is to share some of the activities that we all are responsible for as dog owners. With a whopping 3.4 million dogs in Australia equating to about 36% of all households owning one or more dogs it got us thinking that there must be a better way.

As dog owners, and dog lovers, we love our dogs. Love, love, love. They are part of the family and we go to all sorts of lengths to keep them happy and well cared for. But people that love and adore their dogs can get busy... work is super-demanding, hard to leave the house with young children, away for a weekend and it's not dog-friendly. Just because you are busy from time to time doesn't make you a bad dog owner! But by planning ahead, and teaming up with another dog owner you can give your dog more.

Dogsharing is such a winner;

Dogs - More walks, more friends, more company Owners - New local friends (you might even meet neighbours that you never knew!) and a guilt-free mind knowing that your dog is happy with the extra attention

Here is a great testimonial from one of our dog-sharers;

After signing my young dog Teddy up to dogshare I was provided two matches nearby. I emailed both, but only one got back to me and from there I organised a playdate with Holly and owner Emily. When we met at a local park the dogs ran around madly as they are the same breed and similar ages. It didn't take us long to realise that Holly and Teddy were a great match.

We began discussing how we might be able to help one another. Hollys owner Emily was a stay at home mum, she said would struggle to walk both dogs together along with her pram but could pick up Teddy on an ad-hoc basis and allow the dogs to run around her big backyard together - this way she could also keep an eye on them.

It was great to break up Teddys week as my husband and I work full time and even though we walk Teddy one to twice each day, he still loves the extra company. Just recently we were able to look after Holly at our place one weekend when his owners were away. The dogs had a ball... and we really enjoyed seeing them so happy together! Dogshare is a great way to meet a couple of friends for your dog and it's so rewarding knowing you are giving your dog more than just you alone can give them! - Stephanie & Teddy

It might well be that you just want to meet other locals and chat about the best dog parks in your area, or to meet up with a walking-buddy for company. Or perhaps you fall into the category where you are looking for a more regular walking schedule, help with vacation stays or backyard sharing for dogs who like companionship during the day. Dogshare is whatever you make of it - Dogshare is simply a platform for you to meet and create connections with other dogs + people. We think that dogs and people are better together and that is what drives us.

So, how do you dogshare?