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Guest Blog: Why health is so important at WAG

Everyone knows the importance of nutrition and a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Eating good food gives you the fuel to face each day and results in strong and healthy bodies - that feel great. In the long term, we all know that a healthy diet reduces potential health risks which means more time with family, friends and our beloved pets.

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When it comes to maintaining a good nutritional balance, there are many factors that can distract us. Unhealthy habits may be the result of stress, time or lack of self control. This is something we have to be consciously aware of and take seriously. Ultimately, our decisions are up to us.

As responsible dog owners, we have a duty of care to only give our furry friends the best. Our dogs are not educated and are not rational, which is why we are here to protect and care for them.

We know that if dog owners feed their dogs unhealthy foods then those dogs don't get to live life to their full potential – and isn’t that terrible.

And so, WAG’s ethos is to spread the message about good health and nutritious food because of one main reason: we love our dogs so damn much!

Although our dogs are our children, at the end of the day we must remember that they are in fact animals. Animals need to be treated with respect for their species and fed the food they need to eat to thrive. Dogs eat meat and they eat vegetables – because they are dogs, not humans.

We all love our dogs; that’s why we care. We need to do what is right and give them the best because it is too important not to.

Our dog’s always come first, so if you need any help or advice on how to best care for your dog, WAG is always here to help!

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