We want your stories!

Have you met a great dog-pal on dogshare yet? We are on the lookout for testimonials and success stories showing how Dogshare has helped you.

If you've not yet connected with another dog on dogshare this is a great incentive to organise that first meet up!

We have prize packs worth $50 to give away to the best dog-share stories. The prize packs will be made up of goodies from our business partners dependent on your location but will retail at least $50.

To be eligible for a prize pack;

1. Send us an email at hello@dogshare outlining the dog(s) and owners(s) you met up with and giving us a brief run-down of how you first connected what the dogs did when they met and what arrangements were made with your dog-sharer for the future 

2. Pictures of your doggy playdate are highly regarded! (Or video) 

3. We will contact you and your match to let you know if you have been selected, your story and photos will be used in future marketing and PR opportunities via the Dogshare website and further, names can be changed for privacy and no personal details will ever be given out 

4. Both you and your dog-match will receive the prize pack!

Here are a few examples of Duke's dog meet ups with his BFFs Bosco and Betty